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If you are looking for an elegant, simple, exclusive wedding, set in one of the most magical areas in Spain, Finca la Fronda is the ideal option. In the heart of Spain’s stunning Sierra de Aracena, hugged by cork and chestnut trees Finca la Fronda offers views that stretch to distant points of the compass. 


Finca la Fronda is a magical setting for a wedding in Spain. The exclusive hire of our stylishly decorated country house as your venue will lead to a uniquely beautiful and utterly unforgettable wedding day for both you and your guests.

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With a capacity for the wedding celebration of upto 100 guests, we would be delighted to help you organise everything No one wants the preparing of a wedding to become a headache, and we are here to help make your wedding unforgettable. 


Finca la Fronda has 7 double very spacious rooms that are at your disposal, and we have agreements with the other small hotels in the village of Alajar (5 mins drive distance) for the other guests, with a bus service that can pick them up and take them back after the celebration.


Finca la Fronda is ideal for those seeking a truly authentic and unique wedding in Spain. We work hard to exceed expectations by curating the perfect memorable wedding which truly reflects your individual style.

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The ceremony can be held in the hotel gardens, overlooking the idilic village of Alajar and the Peña de Arias Montano, or on one of our covered terraces with views over the horizon.


We are in the heart of Sierra de Aracena, where the best jabugo ham is reared, our menus can be centered around this gourmet delicacy, we are also in the province of Huelva, where the best shrimp is found (Gamba de Huelva). We have a wide selection of delicious menus for you to choose from. We can also cater vegeterian or vegan menus. We also have a wonderful selection of wines to acompany your meal. We can offer wedding reception canapes, pre- and post-party BBQs, dawn snacks and, of course, the main wedding meal itself... from start to finish we can cater to whatever you have in mind.

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The sunsets, the lavender-filled courtyard, the beautiful pool overlooking the village of Alajar, no curfew and no noise restrictions... Always pictured the strum of a guitar and the stomp of flamenco feet while your guests nibbled canapes and sipped Cava? Or imagined the sound of a string quartet wafting over the garden before the ceremony? Live bands, DJs, circus performers, children’s entertainers... Whatever you had in mind for your wedding night party we can arrange it, so everyone can let their hair down after the big day.


If I was to celebrate my wedding again, I would do it just the same, the same place, Cristina and Oscar organising it all, the same menu, the same waiters, the same decorations, the same officiator and the same hairdresser. Without a doubt it was thanks to them that the wedding was a complete success, and that I could let go, relax and enjoy my wedding.

Wondering about hairdressers or makeup, don't worry we have it covered. We also have a wonderful photographer that would be delighted in capturing the best moments of your magical day.


We can offer lovely rustic decorations, with luxurient flower arangements, mixing wild flowers with whichever other flowers that takes your fancy. Either a more rustic look or a more romantic touch, it's up to you​

For more information call +34 959 501 247

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