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The good table

If we take into account what our guests say, good food is one of the great attractions of this house.

Our chef Alec Wordsworth is always ready to prepare dishes to your liking, guiding you through the varied gastronomic tradition of the Sierra de Huelva.

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Vegan and good 

The vegan movement spans the globe, it's good for individual health, and it's good for the health of the planet. 

For this reason, vegans are welcome at La Fronda and will be lucky enough to enjoy the delights of the mountain orchard with tasty preparations that will be difficult to forget. 

Brocheta de rape con langostinos

Gluten Free Hotel

We have several celiacs in the family and that makes us internalize a great empathy towards this diet. Hell for celiacs is usually breakfast, seeing bread and rolls go by and not being able to taste them... that will not happen at La Fronda. And if it doesn't happen at breakfast, less so at lunch and dinner where there will always be delicious GLUTEN-FREE alternatives.

Carta de Mermeladas

 Alec prepared the best “local sourced” meals and wine that we have had on this 2 month trip to date


Homemade With Love

We have a passion for what is local, and it is not only because in this case what is local has excellent quality, it is also because we are very proud of what is ours, of what is made at home. With love.

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