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At Finca La Fronda your furry four-legged friends are welcome, we have plenty of space, and plenty of nature trails that you can enjoy with them. But to preserve the tranquility of the other guests and guarantee a good coexistence, it is necessary that certain rules are respected.

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These terms and conditions apply to pets and not to service animals.

  1. The acceptance of pets is SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY of rooms.

  2. To make a reservation for a room for you and your pet, YOU MUST CONTACT Finca La Fronda DIRECTLY and we will confirm the availability of rooms with the pet option.

  3. The client must ACCEPT THE attached CONDITIONS for the acceptance of his reservation.

  4. We only accept domesticated DOGS weighing less than 20kg.

  5. €17 (VAT incl) per pet per day will be charged

  6. Guests must bring a LEASH OR CARRYING BAG for pets who must be controlled on a leash or in their respective bags WHILE OUT OF THE ROOMS.

  7. Pets must be IN THEIR CAGES OR CONTROLLED BY LEASH by their owners while the room is cleaned or any other service is provided inside the room, not allowing IN ANY CASE to leave pets alone in the room .

  8. Guests must PICK UP AND DISPOSE OF WASTE from their pets.

  9. Pets have RESTRICTED ACCESS to the restaurant and other areas where food and drinks are served.

  10. It is FORBIDDEN to use towels, pillows, etc. for the pet, and allow them to climb on the bed or chairs. Guests agree to pay property CHARGES FOR REPAIRS, CLEANING OR DAMAGE caused by their pets.

  11. The guest is RESPONSIBLE for the noises that the pets can make and they will ensure that the pets do not interrupt or affect the tranquility of the other guests.

  12. If the property determines that the PET IS DISTURBING OTHER GUESTS, the property may request, AT ITS ABSOLUTE DISCRETION, that the pet be housed off-site.

  13. The guest must have all the legally necessary PET DOCUMENTATION  at the time of “check in”, and may be required at any time by the accommodation management.

  14. Guests with pets must sign a document ASSUMING RESPONSIBILITY for any damage caused by their pets.

  15. ACCESS to a pet may be DENIED if it is considered dangerous or that it may scare, harm or affect the stay of other guests.

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