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Walking around the SIERRA DE ARACENA Natural Park

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Top 6 pathways from Finca La Fronda

There is no doubt that the best way to get to know our landscape and immerse yourself in the unique nature of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Arcoche Natural Park is on foot. So lace up your boots and let yourself be guided along the most beautiful paths, there is no need to take the car, from the very door of La Fronda with these routes that we have selected for you.

1. Essential . 5.5km. Finca La Fronda - Peña Arias Montano - Alájar - Finca La Fronda

Why should you do it? La Peña is an emblematic point with tons of history. The little town of Alájar is a wonderful example of the popular architecture of the Sierra de Aracena, it has a lot of personality and some typical corners. The square with its terraces frequented by the residents of the town is a must.

2. Practical 3.9km Finca La Fronda - Fuenteheridos

Why should you do it? The viewpoint of the port of Alájar with its 820m allows you to see up to the mining basin and the Andévalo throughout the province of Huelva, although you must have a) very good eyesight b) quality binoculars or c) optimistic personality traits. As a large part of the route passes through a road with little traffic, take the appropriate precautions. After visiting the source of the 12 pipes where the Múrtiga River is born, the effort will be rewarded in the Fuenteheridos square with its bars and revelry. If you walk back to La Fronda you must multiply the referred distance by 2 (3.9km x 2 = 7.8km)

3. Wild 11.5km. Finca La Fronda - Linares de la Sierra - Los Marines - Pico La Era (900m) - Finca La Fronda

Why should you do it? The leafy vegetation of the riparian forests provides a special recollection. Whoever does not enjoy a spiritual exaltation in the company of these centuries-old trees is that they do not have a soul of any kind. The climb from Linares will make your activity clock congratulate you like it has for a long time and you will then understand why we call this route "wild". With absolute solitude you will be able to look from the Peak of the Era to the south, many of our guests suddenly feel like saying the phrase "One day all this will be yours, Simba".

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4. Contemplative . 13.9km Finca La Fronda - Mirador de Alájar - La Uraleda - Castaño del Robledo - El Calabacino - Alájar - Finca La Fronda


Why should you do it?  If a Buddhist monk came to La Fronda, this would certainly be the tour we would suggest. Most of it runs along wide open paths, it is long enough to think about the paradox that the name "Castaño del Robledo" offers to any awake mind and passes through one of the best-known ecovillages in Europe, En Castaño del Robledo should not miss the Unfinished Church (SXVIII), also called "The Monument", an architectural parable about megalomania. Then you will arrive at El Calabacino, one of the 11 ecovillages of the Iberian Peninsula. The aborigines call it "Hippie Territory", it must be for a reason. The town of Alájar will offer something to drink and eat to gain strength for the climb back to La Fronda.

5. Pilgrimage . 10.5km. Finca La Fronda - Alájar - Los Madroñeros - Linares de la Sierra - Finca La Fronda 

Why should you?   One of the most beautiful villages in Alájar is Los Madroñeros, small, humble and despite having only 3 or 4 neighbors in good condition. The Church of Our Lady of Health 1843 is the most notable monument (and the only one)   apart from its two fountains. The road to Linares will give you the opportunity to socialize with some friendly Iberian pigs who could tell you first-hand (hoof) what life is like in these parts. You don't tell them anything about the ham, they are very happy in their ignorance. Linares deserves a walk, see the water running through its ditches and take a photo in the laundry room that, although it is no longer used, proudly shows its origins. It could have an inscription "I will survive all your washing machines" but the mayor did not dare. 

6. Aracena . 9km. La Fronda - Linares de la Sierra - Aracena. 

Why should you? A visit to the capital is a deference that any traveler should have, and the path that leads to it runs through all the landscapes of the area: cork oak, riverside and meadow. In Aracena you can visit the 13th century Castle, the Plaza del Cabildo, the Gran Via with its Casino de Arias Montano... and enjoy its wide gastronomic offer and its frenzy.

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