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In Finca la Fronda we have a secret weapon to make sure that you have a good laugh, and assure you have an unforgettable evening. Cenando Canciones (in English: Dinning Songs") is an intimate and exclusive show (max. 30 guests) accompanied by a delicious dinner, in which the audience chooses the repertoire. 

We have done over 300 musical evening in the past 6 years, Rivilla is the protagonist of this show, he sings, plays the guitar and the piano, and is extremely funny. You would think you were in a French musical café or in a german cabaret. We can't say any more or we will spoil the surprise

Here are a few of the comments we have received about our show.


The concert we had was one of the best nights we have ever had. Oscar was superb and involved us all in the concert including the children. The food was fantastic.

...and the "musical evening" it was so much fun


I especially recommend "Cenando Canciones", Rivillas show is simply fantastic, great quality music and fun monologues. Nothing you have seen before, I promise (I was very sceptic when I confirmed my booking)

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